AUDIO – Amazing audio applications with an emphasis on sound quality and aesthetics

Featured Partners – Paradigm, Origin Acoustics, JL Audio, Marantz

VIDEO – Simple to elaborate media rooms and home theaters

Featured Partners – Anthem, Sony, Epson, Screen Innovations, AudioQuest

SURVEILLANCE – Providing peace of mind for residential or commercial

Featured Partners – IC Realtime, Hikvision, LTS

VIDEO, VOICE AND DATA – Structured wiring solutions for video, voice and data

Featured Partners – ICE Cable, Liberty Wire and Cable

AUTOMATED CONTROLS – Integrating all technologies into a single platform

Featured Partners – Savant Pro, Savant, Vantage, Lutron, Nest

*Central Integration offers technology services above and beyond this list. If you have any questions or just want to pick our brain, feel free to contact us via phone or email. If you are looking for a technology that we cannot perform, we would gladly refer you to someone who certainly can.

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